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Date:	Sunday October 2, 2005 @ 19:02
Author:	mf

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MF:- Note about parallel/USB printers added to "Using Online Help".
     Typo corrected in "Config/Printers".

File: xp-e.ihq         	Status: Up-to-date

   Working revision:	1.90	Sun Oct  2 17:02:51 2005
   Repository revision:	1.90	/server/cvs/freexp/doc/xp-e.ihq,v

   Existing Tags:
	Release_3_21             	(revision:
	Bezugsverkettung_2       	(revision: 1.87)
	Bezuegsverkettung        	(revision: 1.86)
	Extented-Command2        	(revision: 1.86)
	Extended-Interpreter     	(revision: 1.86)
	Citycarrier3             	(revision: 1.85)
	Citycarrier2             	(revision: 1.85)
	Citycarrier              	(revision: 1.85)
	GnuPG_1                  	(revision: 1.80)
	DOSBOX-Edition           	(revision: 1.76)
	before_FreeXP            	(revision:
	Snapshot_31082003        	(revision: 1.66)
	Reimport_main_branch     	(revision: 1.53)
	mergepoint               	(revision:
	RC2_3_40                 	(revision:
	Release_3_20d            	(revision:
	RC1_3_40                 	(revision:
	Release_3_20c            	(revision:
	Release_3_20b            	(revision:
	Beta_3_30_6              	(revision:
	Beta_3_30_5              	(revision:
	Beta_3_30_4              	(revision:
	Beta_3_30_3              	(revision:
	Release_3_20             	(revision:
	RC5_3_20                 	(revision:
	RC4_3_20                 	(revision:
	Branch_3_30_Release      	(branch: 1.52.2)
	Beta_3_30_1              	(revision: 1.52)
	RC3_3_20                 	(revision:
	Beta_3_21_24             	(revision: 1.33)
	RC2_3_20                 	(revision:
	Beta_3_21_23             	(revision: 1.25)
	RC1_3_20                 	(revision:
	Beta_3_21_22             	(revision: 1.17)
	Branch_3_20_Release      	(branch: 1.13.2)
	RC0_3_20                 	(revision: 1.13)
	Beta_3_20_21             	(revision: 1.9)
	Beta_3_20_20             	(revision: 1.4)
	Beta_3_20_19             	(revision: 1.3)
	start                    	(revision:

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